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In this fast-paced teaching and learning environment, these courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge needed to teach children quickly. We want learners to be consistent hence one course at a time.

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Focus is everything, but if we help you complete your course on the go. Got a minute to have a sandwich? You need 5 minutes to complete the course no matter where you are and what you are doing.


Who can take this course?

If you are a mother who wants to teach your child at home or a teacher who wants to brush up on your concept quickly, understand the sequence of teaching or need activities before the class, this course is for you.


Learn how to teach concepts to a child to have a strong foundation in maths. Easy to use activities with your child everyday.

Starting you career

Get your career started with all the Conceptual Knowledge, Pedagogical Knowledge, and Technological Knowledge.

Experienced Teacher

Stay up-to-date with the latest methods and techniques to teach mathematics. Keep enhancing your teaching skills with our daily courses.

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Latesh Sharma
Latesh Sharma
Sarvodaya Vidyalaya
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I have completed 2 months of courses and I must say that I was a bit apprehensive before starting this but it has been very helpful for me. I recently changed my job and it was a saviour during my interview.
Anjali Thakran
Anjali Thakran
Teacher, St. Angel's School
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Arc Math thank you for providing such interesting courses. I really enjoy doing these courses. It has helped me upgrade my knowledge continuously.
Simran Sehgal
Simran Sehgal
Teacher, Arc Math
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I wish I started this early. I would have got even more knowledge than what I have right now. There are lot of add ons like Teaching Tools and classroom videos. Hats off arc math for these courses.
Bharti Rishi
Bharti Rishi
Teacher, DAV School
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The courses are really short which makes me engaged and I am able to complete one course in a day now which was impossible for me to do with other works like checking notebooks and preparing lesson plans.
Primary Teacher
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It’s been a month now and the courses are really amazing. I will recommend this to all the teachers. Don't worry that it is short, it explains the concepts clearly and you assess your own learning.

What type of content Do I get?


Easy to use activities with children at home. These activities help children build concepts on previous knowledge.

Pedagogical Understanding

Access to most recent methodology and teaching practices in Education. Learn how to teach mathematics.​

Effective use of technology

Learn tools to enhance subject knowledge and conceptual understanding beyond zoom and presentations.​

Sequence of teaching a concept

Follow the right sequence while teaching so that the child understands the concept without any misconception.

Conceptual Understanding

Know the why behind every how in a concept as it’s important to teach the concepts before moving to procedures.

Children Error in Concept

Most children develop errors because teachers are not careful while developing the concept.

Frequently asked questions

You can enroll for the course any day, but the course will start on the 1st and 15th of every month.

We apologize for the problem that you are facing. Kindly drop an email at

Yes, you will get lifetime access to these courses.

Yes. If it’s been 15 days since you joined the course, then you’ll have access to 15 courses. Every day a course is on your courses list.

Sure. These courses are developed while keeping our learner’s comfort in mind. You can binge a week’s courses on weekends.

Teaching children requires a deep understanding of the concepts. The courses will not only help you to develop an understanding but will also guide you on how to teach those concepts.

The concepts in all the grades stay the same; it’s the level that changes. Hence, we develop courses on topics, and they are not grade-specific.

Definitely! These courses will make your concepts strong. You’ll learn something new every day.