Math Classes and Tutors in GK-2

Arc Math offers one of the best math classes for students in Gk-2. 

Math is a very technical subject and a strong foundation in the early years helps build a life-long learning process. Arc Math and its math tutors in Gk-2 help to develop conceptual understanding and explore the why behind the how. Let’s see some of the highlights of our classes:

  1. Math Tools
  2. Activity-based learning
  3. Digital tools and manipulatives
  4. Project-based learning.

Our online classes in Gk-2 start from Nursery (age 3.5 years), and our focus in the early years is to build the right mathematical connections for the child. We follow a holistic approach aligned with the child’s developmental stage. It follows concrete, pictorial, and, finally, abstract models for developing mathematical concepts. In the early years, the child needs to experience mathematics by being able to hold objects. 

What are the six stages of math concept development by our ArcMath Gk-2 tutors?

  1. Exploration or free play: This stage deals with children using math tools or dealing with math concepts without being worried about learning. There is a lot of trial and error involved in this stage of learning mathematics.

  2. Discover rules or similarities: Once the children have spent a considerable amount of time in free play, they tend to find some basic rules or structures in the activity.
  3. Comparison: Identification of rules leads to the comparison of different concepts. In this stage, children learn to discuss and identify similarities and differences in closely related mathematical concepts.

  4. Pictorial representation: Children in this stage learn to represent what they have learned through pictures and diagrams. It helps to visualize and create various mental models for solving mathematics problems.

  5. Symbolic Representation Stage: The transition from the pictorial stage to symbolic representation helps the child move to a short presentation of the concept. Till now, the child has moved from counting two stones to drawing to stones on paper and finally writing two as a symbol for two rocks.
  6. Abstraction: Once a child has been exposed sufficiently to the above stages, it becomes essential to form a general understanding of the concept. These are theorems and proofs children learn while developing the idea. Children are motivated to see such structures and general rules.

Our tutors are well trained throughout the year to learn this latest pedagogy and research methodology to conduct these online sessions. The classes are truly interactive and help children get a great start.


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