Math Classes and Tutors in Vasant Vihar

Arc Math offers one of the best math classes in Vasant Vihar.

Parents and children both love our classes. They no longer have to sit for long hours with their child. Math is now fun for the child, and they enjoy doing math. We act as a child’s mentor and help them gain confidence in the subject.

Do you know the most common difficulties faced by a child while studying mathematics? Let’s see.

  1. Difficulty in understanding A concept. Sometimes, a child is unable to perform well in a particular topic. We provide conceptual classes for children in and around GK-2 from Class Nursery to Class 5 to help them thoroughly understand a concept.
  2. Incomplete Prerequisite Knowledge. Before starting a concept in a class, it is essential to make sure that the child is clear with all the concepts which are required to understand the new concept. We make sure that the child has enough previous knowledge to understand the new concept. Hence, we build a new concept on a child’s prior knowledge.
  3. Less challenging concept. Once a child has memorized the processes and can do questions on a particular topic, he/she thinks that mathematics is just about procedures, and it is not challenging enough for them. Children start finding it boring then. We bring them out of their comfort zone and help them grow to their potential.
  4. Lack of Motivation. Sometimes, a child just needs the right mentor to help him/her in a subject. They need someone to push them to work harder and give their best. We provide such guidance to a child and sometimes to parents because the way a parent feels about mathematics can easily be transferred to the child. So we help them overcome that fear of mathematics and help their child in performing well.

We have the best educators for the right kind of mentoring and learning experience for your child.

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