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Amreesh Datta
Amreesh Datta
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Brilliant way of getting the kids involved & interested in Maths. Kids look forward to the classes and are not scared of the subject. Arc Math team is doing a fantastic job.
Neelam Mittal
Neelam Mittal
Parent (Grade 10)
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I am very glad to have been associated with Arc Math. My son joined this place in 8th standard and now is in 10th. Owing to the efforts of the faculty, he has improved a lot. My son and I, both are extremely happy to have been a part of this place. I would 100% recommend Arc Math to any one looking out for an enriching environment to learn for their ward.
Chirag Gupta
Chirag Gupta
Student Grade 8
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Sir, I love Maths and Arc MAth is just the place for me. You scold me but just for my good. You teach others and me so brilliantly. The name is so cool and I love how you teach. The place is so good and I have learned a lot from you.
Varenyam Singh
Varenyam SinghStudent (Grade 6)
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I have learned many new concepts with great clarity. Even when I am in grade 6, I have learned grade 10 concepts easily. Thanks to Arc Math.